In Dagestan we proceed with the selection of investment projects to be implemented at the expense of federal funds

1In Dagestan we proceed with the selection of investment projects to be implemented later by federal funds.

According to the source, in order to resolve disputes on the selection of investment projects to be included in the sub-program “Socio-economic development of the Republic of Dagestan for 2016-2025 years” in the country set up a special interdepartmental working group.

Note that earlier Minkavkazom Russia have been developed and sent to all entities SKFO rules of selection of investment projects, establishing the criteria and procedure for selection of investment projects. Continue reading

Ministry of Economic Development RD accepts applications for grants in the field of economy

Council for Grants of the Head of KMG announced a call for proposals for the grant of the Head of Dagestan in 2016 in the field of economics, told RIA “Dagestan” the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development RD.

According to the source agency, in accordance with the Decree of the Government acceptance of documents for call for proposals for grants of the Head of Dagestan in the economy carries Economic Development RD for the period up to 16 September 2016 inclusive.

“The competition will be considered projects containing innovative research and development efforts aimed at economic development of the Republic of Dagestan. Competitors can serve individuals and legal entities operating in the territory of the republic. According to the results of the contest will be awarded a grant in the amount of 350 thousand rubles, “-. According to the ministry. Continue reading

Issues of development of small and medium-sized businesses in Dagestan were discussed at the forum RIF.Kavkaz

On August 25, the Second Internet forum “RIF.Kavkaz” discussed issues of development of small and medium-sized businesses, reported RIA “Dagestan” the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Investment RD. The Forum is held on the basis of “Caspian” sanatorium in Karabudakhkent area from 25 to 26 August.

According to the source, during the event held a presentation on “The Week of the Dagestan business.”

The Commissioner for the Protection of the rights of entrepreneurs Zaur Kurbanov said that the project was conceived as a communication platform, which will allow to establish communication between representatives of different segments through communication and collaboration of the business community, government, scientific and public organizations. Continue reading

Kurban Kubasaev: “The emergence of vertically integrated companies in Dagestan may lead to lower prices for gasoline”

In the near future in Dagestan scheduled commissioning of the refinery of “Dagnoteh” worth 6 billion 500 million rubles, and processing capacity of 1 million tons per year. The final products of the plant will be straight-run gasoline, commodity products: diesel fuel, jet fuel, fuel oil, bitumen, marine fuel, liquefied gas.

“It is possible that after the commissioning of a new refinery in Makhachkala, the emergence of new vertically integrated companies would lead to a possible reduction in the price of petrol”, – he said in an interview with the correspondent of RIA “Dagestan” head of the Territorial Department of the Federal Antimonopoly Service on Eid Kubasaev RD.

“Firstly, we have the transport component higher. The percentage of expenses only for the delivery of the order of 15-20 per cent, if not more. After delivery of fuel from Volgograd, Ufa or some other city, of course, adds to the cost of the final cost of gasoline. Continue reading

Over 60 investment projects this year is to Dagestan on the forum “Sochi-2016”

Republic of Dagestan in the current year plans to present at the International Investment Forum “Sochi-2016” 62 investment projects totaling about 191 billion rubles, told RIA “Dagestan”, the press service of the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Investment RD. The event will take place from September 29 to October 2 this year.

In addition, the region intends to present 111 investment proposals worth about 209 billion rubles.

This information was announced today during a meeting to discuss the concept of Dagestan exposition at the forum. The working meeting was attended by representatives of the initiators of investment projects of “Botlikh Radio Plant”, LLC “Agesta” and LLC “Yugagroholding”.

The head of the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Investment RD Bashir Magomedov said that within the framework of the upcoming forum will be attended by the official delegation of Dagestan with the organization of the exhibition on an area of 100 square meters. meters. Continue reading