The investment potential of Dagestan presented Chinese businessmen

sistema-marketingovyh-kommunikatsij-2At the site of a permanent establishment of Dagestan under the Russian President held a meeting with representatives of the Chinese business community, including the chairman of the board of the financial group “Touchstone Financial Group Holdings Limited” Kenny song.

During the meeting, Industry and Trade Minister of Dagestan Yusup Umavov spoke about investment opportunities in the real economy of the region and in major infrastructure projects. As the press service of the Permanent Representation of Dagestan in Moscow, the Chinese side expressed its readiness to consider the proposals of the Dagestan delegation. Following the meeting, the sides signed a memorandum of cooperation.

The agreement implies that the Ministry of Industry of Dagestan will assist the Chinese side in the implementation of investment projects and measures to provide state support. Continue reading

Four logistics center will open to the end of the year in Dagestan

imageIn Dagestan, to the end of the year plan to finish construction of four logistics centers with capacity of about 49 thousand tons.

“In the current year it is planned to complete the construction of logistics centers with capacity 49 thousand tons, including in the framework of OOO” Yugagroholding “(Kumtorkalinsky District) – 16 thousand tons, the SEC” collective farm Dagagroteh “(Karabudakhkentsky district, village of Achi-Su) – 20 thousand tons , KFH “Gardener” (Kumtorkalinsky district) – 5 thousand tons, Spock “Mir” (the city of Dagestan lights) – 8 thousand tons “, – told Tass representative of the press service of the Ministry of agriculture and food of the republic.

According to him, in the current year in the republic marked increase in the volume of agricultural production by all categories of producers by 2.7% (up 30.9 billion rubles). “On the growth of agricultural production in January-July 2016 the increase in meat production is mainly affected (1.7%), milk (2.7%) and eggs (3.1%)”, – said the source. Continue reading

Incubator for breeding trout to be built in southern Dagestan

razvedenie-foreliIn the village in the south of Dagestan Gilyar build a fish hatchery. There will breed trout fry. They will be used in trout-breeding farms of the republic. Now fry buy Adler and Kislovodsk.

“It is worth noting that trout farming is one of the most promising directions of development of fishery industry in the country. This is due to ideal climatic conditions and the presence of water bodies with optimal temperature control, which is a basic prerequisite for the cultivation of cold-loving species. So, for a favorable life of this type of fish the optimal water temperature is 14-18 degrees, “- he told RIA” Dagestan “Deputy Chief of Fisheries Management Ministry of Natural Resources of the Republic Goosen Ibragimov. Continue reading

Dagestan until 2019 direct 1.9 billion rubles for the development of the canning industry

connector2Makhachkala. 13 September. INTERFAX-SOUTH – Dagestan will direct 1.9 billion rubles until 2019 on the development of the canning industry of the country, said the agency “Interfax-South” in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Dagestan.

The funds will be allocated from the republican budget and extra-budgetary resources in the framework of the program “Development of canning and processing of plant products in the Republic of Dagestan for 2016 – 2018 years.”

In particular, the cost of the republican budget for the program will amount to 177 million rubles. Continue reading

More than 11 thousand new jobs created in Dagestan this year

0d6e1a9340cfec2fe464a7a9a867bd57In the first half of the region created a total of 11 thousand. 200 new jobs, reported RIA “Dagestan” the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development RD. Of these, 543 places are high.

According to the source, the total number of jobs created over 5 thousand are permanent, 4 thousand 200 -. Seasonal, 2 thousand -. Temporary jobs which were used in the construction or reconstruction of various objects.

Office Specialists in general the situation in the labor market was characterized as relatively stable. The Public employment service at the end of July 2016 were registered as unemployed 27 thousand. 900 people. The number of registered unemployed amounted to more than 102 percent over the same period of the previous year. Continue reading