The volume of animal production in Dagestan was more than 61 billion rubles

The volume of gross output of animal husbandry in 2016 in Dagestan amounted to over 61 billion 274 million rubles, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Dagestan. production index was 104.6 percent.

According to the source, last year the volume of production of livestock and poultry slaughter weight was more than 129 thousand tons (it is 108 per cent compared to last year), milk -. 843.5 thousand tons (102.8 percent), eggs -. 243 million units (105.6 percent), wool (physical weight.) – 14.3 thousand tons (remained at the level of the previous year).

“The volume reached by the breed of cattle upgrade and increase its share in the structure of the herd, as well as a balanced forage. In addition, effective was the transition to new technologies and feeding animals and poultry, as well as increase their productivity through the effective use of biocapacity and the prevention of disease in them “, – told in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

Note that the total number of cattle by the end of last year amounted to 1 million 28 thousand heads.; sheep and goats – 5 million 360 thousand heads;. Birds – 8 million 366 thousand heads.. Continue reading

In Dagestan will begin tyre recycling plant

On the territory of the Republic in late January, plan to launch a tyre recycling plant.

The plant was scheduled to start work at the end of last year, but the launch had to be postponed. The functions of the enterprise will include collecting, sorting, processing and recycling of tires.

Power will be an estimated 1 tonne per hour, the work will be carried out using the method of crushing tires on special equipment. Secondary product can be used to create courts, children’s playgrounds and pavement.

More than 1.7 thousand jobs in Dagestan will establish Technopark «Avrora»

Industrial Technopark “Avrora” in the Karabudahkentskom area will create more than 1.7 thousands of jobs, and its estimated cost will be 600 million roubles. In the course of the meeting informed the Agency on entrepreneurship and investment of the Republic of Dagestan.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Head of the Agency, Rizwan Kurbanaliev and Hamid Magomedov, head of a number of municipalities of Dagestan and representatives of the business community.

“This project has a very important international importance: it will attract foreign companies to the region. Already well Technopark Italian businessmen engaged in the production of furniture and equipment, “the head of the Agency told Bashir Magomedov. Continue reading

Dagestan Customers will be able to carry out purchases through the “E-shop”

State and municipal customers of Dagestan will engage in procurement with a single supplier through the “E-shop RD”, he told RIA “Dagestan” the head of representation of LLC “RS-tender” in the region Eldar Aliev.

He noted that in accordance with Article 93 FZ-44 ( “On the contract system”) through the e-shop will be to enter into contracts of up to 100 to 400 thousand. Rubles when customers are institutions of education and culture.

“This happens in the following way: the customer fills out a form on the website, where, in particular, publish a list of characteristics and the required goods, works or services shall indicate their details and the initial maximum price contract. It happens and justification NMTSK. Suppliers, in turn, submit their price offers. And each supplier sees next to him offered price “, – explained Aliyev, adding that all of the contracts will be carried out registry and reporting. Continue reading

Project of construction of the refinery will receive the support of the Ministry of the Caucasus

The Ministry for the Northern Caucasus will support the draft erection oil refinery in Makhachkala, this was told by the head of the Ministry of Lev Kuznetsov.

He noted that comments are eliminated at this stage of Rostekhnadzor on connection of oil refineries. Also the issue with a source of supply of raw materials.

In addition, Lev Kuznetsov stressed that plans to build another REFINERY in the Chechen Republic was postponed for the long term solution to Rosneft. The company has not yet decided to implement the project. Continue reading