A unique complex is being built in Kaspiisk

An architect from the UK, Clive Wooger, and the head of several large construction projects in Moscow, Natalia Topol, recently arrived in Dagestan to inspect the abandoned territory of the former Kaspiisko thermal power station. Arrival of guests to Dagestan was realized thanks to the construction company “ARSI Group”, which plans to build a multifunctional complex on the site of the destroyed buildings.

“We are building so that life becomes better” – one of the calls of the construction team is called to convey a qualitative and soulful approach to its work. Wanting to make the object truly interesting, the company’s management attracted to its development those who loudly, and most importantly, successfully declared themselves in the construction business. Clive Wooger is a member of the British Royal Institute of Architects and has vast international experience in the development of real estate, leisure destinations and cities. Speaking of his achievements: Wojer managed to work in Eastern Europe, Germany, Turkey, India and the Middle East. His representative from the capital of Russia Natalia Topol is the head of such projects as Smolensky Passage, Riviera in Moscow, as well as Azbuky Vkusa, Pyaterochka, Perekrestok, Pharmacy 36.6 across Russia.

Looking around the abandoned territory with a total area of ​​about 6 hectares, the guests noted with certainty that it has great potential, given the location of the site, which is surrounded by the sea, mountains and monuments of architecture. And from the roof of one of the buildings one can even see a weapons factory, abandoned in the Caspian. Another interesting place that brought us back to the Soviet Union.

Communicating with journalists, the management of the construction company and guests from Great Britain and Moscow shared their ideas that at this place it is possible to build a multicomplex: business and shopping centers, entertainment and cultural institutions. Natalia and Clive stressed that they will not follow world standards, but will try to set new trends that will attract not only residents of the republic, but also tourists who will be able to get acquainted with the motives of Dagestan’s life.

“There is a lot of potential here. This can also be said because here it is a stone’s throw to the sea. We want to do something unique for the city. We need to create a vision of the project – what will be built here. At the sight of this site and the building we were inspired. They talk about your heritage, which we intend to preserve. Like this building, a bunker. We will not touch him. In what style the complex will be implemented, it’s too early to say. But we hope that it will not look like what we did before, “Clive Wojer said.

The project of the campaign is fully combined with the decision of the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on the creation of two new territories of advanced development (TOP), due to which the Territory of advanced development “Kaspiysk” will appear in Dagestan.

“I want to support the words of Dmitry Anatolyevich that enterprises in the production of products, furniture, machinery, equipment and so on will open in the city of Kaspiysk,” said the company’s Director, Rasul Abdullayev. “This will, as the Prime Minister noted, diversify the economy of cities, Create thousands of jobs in them and attract investment. This is an excellent decision! We, in turn, will try to do everything to ensure that there are new objects, and not those that have long been accustomed to. Now our idea is to build a complex, which, perhaps, would include a limited number of housing estates, apartments for tourists, a business center, leisure areas for citizens. I want to draw attention to our region and increase the flow of tourists. “