Ramzan Abdulatipov: Dagestan expects inflows after the territorial development zones

Dagestan authorities expect inflows after the territorial development zones (TDZ).

“Spatial development zones in the Republic of Dagestan would attract investment in the economy of the territories, to create conditions for the development of business and new jobs, expand opportunities for the development of the municipalities of the Republic. The result of the formation of the ZTR in the Republic should be the modernization of the economy and improving the quality of life of the population, “head of the Republic is quoted Ramazan ABDULATIPOV, his press service.

The head of the Dagestan noted that work is under way to establish the Republic territories ahead of socio-economic development. “The Ministry introduced harmonization in federal bodies of executive power and the Government of the Republic of Dagestan of the Russian Federation Government a draft decree on the establishment of territories ahead of socio-economic development in monogorode for a period of 10 years of Kaspiysk, where residents will feature significant tax preferences. The successful functioning of this kind of Federal tools for development would provide an incentive for territorial development of the Republic of Dagestan, “sure Abdulatipov.

A special regime of tdz providing residents of the zone of certain tax benefits and tax credits, the budget allocations for the implementation of investment projects in ZTR, residents preferences when renting the land plots, as well as in the creation of objects of capital construction in the field of energy and transport, necessary for the implementation of the entrepreneurial residents, other measures of State support.​

Earlier Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree allowing the 20 regions create ZTR with State aid. Among these regions and of the six republics of the Northern Caucasus.

Source: This is The Caucasus