Almost 11 billion rubles was for six months the volume of agricultural production in the mountainous region of Dagestan

In the mountainous areas of Dagestan in the first half of 2016 produced agriculture products in the amount of 10 billion 900 million rubles, told RIA “Dagestan” the ministry RD. It’s about 55 percent of the total produced in the country of agricultural products.

According to the source, in the mountainous areas of Dagestan concentrated the main production of potatoes (72.3%), vegetables (46.7%), fruits (68.9%), milk (60.0%), meat in live weight (51, 9%) and wool (72.7%). The total cattle herd in the republican mountainous area accounts for 65.9%, cattle – 64.3%, the MPC – 73.9%.

“The analysis shows that the level of self-sufficiency in mountainous areas is much higher than in the whole country. Provides local people’s needs around the theme of food products included in the consumer basket, but bread, bakery products and fish products.

However, it is worth noting that all products made in the seasonal period, and the main problem is the lack of sufficient capacity for the processing of the products and their storage, “- noted in the department.

To solve these problems this year for the first time since the start of the activities of the State program of development of mountainous areas in the national budget of RD 65 million rubles provided. Of these, 20 million rubles will be allocated to support the construction of small-sized greenhouses in the mountainous area, still the same – to make the charter capital of the lessor for the acquisition of machinery and equipment, the remaining 25 million rubles – to support the creation of flexible modern mini-processing facilities.

As explained in the Ministry of Economic Development of RD funding activities under the state program will be implemented in the form of subsidizing the costs actually incurred in these areas and on a competitive basis.

“The main part of the agricultural production in mountain areas produced in private farms, where there is a high proportion of manual labor and there is a low performance.

The most appropriate way to address the service of private farms and small agricultural enterprises is to provide producers of agricultural consumer cooperatives, designed to perform processing, procurement and sale and service functions “, – said the source.

It is worth noting that in 2014-2015, 27 in the region created Spock, of which 15 – in mountainous areas. In this regard, according to the department heads for mining municipal districts, given the presence of substantial quantities of agricultural raw materials, it is necessary to step up the process of creating Spock that will allow smallholders to participate in existing mechanisms of state support and procurement of products for state and municipal needs.

Last year, as part of the priority project “Efficient agribusiness” and import substitution plan activities in a mountain area sold 100 investment projects for the creation of flexible modern processing mini-plants mainly in the field of processing of meat and milk.

In addition, within the framework of the Year of Horticulture, announced the Head of Dagestan, in 2015 in a mountain area on the tab held area of more than 1 thousand. 500 hectares of orchards (72.6% of the area favorites in the republic). This year spring orchards was 690 ha (70.9% of bookmarks RD), including intensive – 147 hectares.

“In the mountainous areas development potential of horticulture has primarily covered ground, the use of which will produce a relatively inexpensive competitive products all year round. In some mountainous areas are realized projects to develop industries based on the collection of medicinal herbs, berries and wild fruit, fish farming has developed, mainly pond in recent years. In order to promote the Dagestani products on domestic and foreign markets established Trading House “Dagestan”. We need to seriously engage in the creation of the brand “Mountain product” (or “Produced only in the mountains of Dagestan”), “- believe in the Ministry of Economic Development RD.

Recall agricultural production in mountainous areas of Dagestan involved 706 farms, 5 thousand. 647 individual farms, more than 205 thousand. LPH, the industry employs more than 190 thousand. People, accounting for 20 percent of the population of mountain areas.

Over the past year the volume of agricultural production in the mountains of the republic amounted to 59 billion 100 million rubles, which is 59.5 percent of the total volume of products produced in the region.