Approximately 780 000 tons of vegetables gathered farmers Dagestan

About 780 thousand tons of vegetables were collected, according to recent data, the farmers of the region, told RIA “Dagestan” in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic. This is more than half of the expected size.

According to the source, was organized collection of vegetables on an area of over 22 thousand. Hectares with an average yield of 341 quintals per hectare. According to the experts of the agricultural department, gathering vegetables harvest will last until about mid-November. During this time, farmers plan to collect more than 1 million 300 tons, which is consistent with last year.

In parallel passes and harvesting the potato crop in the country. Thus, according to the latest data, with the average yield of 200 kg / ha gross harvest amounted to about 164,000 tonnes. The harvest is collected from an area of more than 7 thousand. 700 hectares. In total this year in the plans for regional farmers to collect about 380 thousand. Tonnes of tubers, as in the past year.

The Ministry of Agriculture RD added that, apart from cleaning vegetables, the farmers of the republic are also busy harvesting of fruit and melons. Today, with the average yield 79 quintals per hectare has already collected about 70 thousand tons of fruit from the area of more than 9 thousand. Hectares. The plans for the farmers – to collect this year more than 110 thousand tons of fruit, which is 18 thousand tons less than last year collections..

At the height of the collection and melons – watermelon and melon, which are in great demand among the population. According to recent data, it has been collected about 187 thousand. Tons from an area of over 8 thousand. Hectares. In this case the yield is 268 quintals per hectare.

Ministry of Agriculture RD Experts added that this year farmers harvested a good crop of the republic of fruits and vegetables, and potatoes, which allows the food crisis and the embargo to contain their prices and provide an opportunity for the public to consume local products and in the off-season.