Bashir Magomedov held a reception of citizens in Magaramkentsky District

Последнее обновление January 11th, 2017 в 09:10

The day before, on 26 November the head of the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Investment RD Bashir Magomedov listened to the problems of citizens in Magaramkenstky area. The receptions also participated MR head “Magaramkentsky District” Farid Ahmadov.
In particular, the problem concerned from the highwayRepublican asphalt road to Garah village, which is in poor condition. The head of the rural settlement “Garahsky Village Council” and the deputy of the Assembly of Deputies of rural settlement also noted that the head of the district has already addressed on this issue in the appropriate structures of the republic.
Next, a resident of the village appealed to Gilyar Magomedov with the question of the acquisition of equipment for the plant for production of preserves of all sorts.
Within the framework of the Single day of reception of citizens were also touched upon the issues of supporting small and medium-sized businesses. All questions and complaints of citizens were taken Bashir Magomedov head of the Agency under his personal control. Together with the head of the district will be resolved all the voiced problems.
At the end of the reception Magomedov noted that such forms of work allow residents to learn about the problems even in the most remote corners of the country, as well as take steps to address them.
Within the framework of departure also held a meeting with the heads of rural communities and entrepreneurs Magaramkentsky area.
Preceding the meeting, head of the district Akhmedov made with the help of the state in the field of SMEs and investment in Magaramkentsky District.
“The development of entrepreneurship and reduce formal employment pays much attention to the area. Owners of small and medium class are the engine of the economic process, and therefore it is necessary to do everything to help them, “- said Akhmedov.
Bashir Magomedov, speaking to the audience in the hall, noted that the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Investment RD engaged in attracting investments into the country and the provision of state support for entrepreneurship.
During the meeting, Bashir Magomedov talked about the subsidies and grant support entrepreneurs.
“According to the law” On state support of investment activity on the territory of the Republic of Dagestan “State support in the form of tax incentives for up to five years, subsidies of the interest on bank loans, state guarantees to ensure the return of borrowed funds attracted for the implementation of priority investment projects, incentives for rental properties and land owned by the state of the Republic of Dagestan, as well as the provision of non-financial measures of state support of investment activity. These forms of state support provided for investment projects that have received the status of priority investment project of the Republic of Dagestan “, – said Magomedov.
He stressed that the state support is provided in the form of financing of business plans and the compensation of the expenses for the development of design estimates for the investment projects proposed for implementation in the priority sectors of the economy.
Talking about the dynamics of investment flows into the fixed capital of the republic, he said that since 2010 the volume of investments increased by 2 times and amounted to 231 billion. Rubles in 2015. “In 2016, the investment activity of the country’s economy maintains a positive growth trend. Investments in fixed assets from all sources of financing amounted to 45 billion rubles for the 1st half of 2016 and increased over the same period in 2015 by 1.8% “, -. Assured the head of the Agency.
The next speaker was the Chairman of the Board DROO “Support policy of the Head of Dagestan, the Trustee of the Head of the Republic of Dagestan, the expert of the financial and economic analysis and expertise of the Agency Ahmed Abdurazakov projects, which provided information on the work of the priority project of RD” whitewashing economy “, and analysis of identified entrepreneurs who have not registered their activities. According to him, in the district identified 99 unregistered businesses, 77 of them within 10 months of the current year have been put on the tax account.
Head of monitoring and interaction with local authorities Musagadzhi Tolboev acquainted businessmen with activities of the Agency and its subordinate institutions, the measures of state support in the field of SMEs.