Businessmen of Azerbaijan plans to invest in the fishing industry of Dagestan

1524151 Within days, the Ministry of Environment taxiway guidance together with businessmen from Azerbaijan examined areas for investment in the fishing industry of the republic, RIA “Dagestan”, the press service of the department. In particular, from the Southern District of Dagestan to Kizilyurtovsky delegation visited about ten potential sites, of which the most promising are the reservoirs at hydroelectric power station.

The first sign of the project on fish stocking reservoirs was Gotsatlinskoy. On the surface of it will soon be installed cages and fingerlings of commercial fish.

“Currently, we produce assembly line Malkova 300 sq. meters Gotsatlinskoy reservoir. 30-gram fingerlings will be brought here from another farm and will doraschivat here to 150-200 grams, after which they will be transferred to another line of cage area of 1400 square meters. meters, where trout will gain weight to commercial fish. When installing the equipment did not have problems. If everything goes smoothly, then the next week we will launch trout fry in cages “, – said director of” AQUAPLUS “Ruslan Magomayev.

Installing pontoons engaged representatives of the Moscow firm. General Director of “Setesnast” LLC Rifat Yulgushev controlling equipment installation, said that their company is engaged in the manufacture and installation of fishing gear. “Currently, we produce supervising installation of cage Gotsatlinskoy lines on the reservoir. Conditions are good for growing trout and temperature indicators, and the oxygen content in the water. Generally in Dagestan can and should engage in fish farming, especially in terms of import substitution. It is also gratifying that the representatives of the regional authorities to strongly support and create favorable conditions for the entrepreneurs “, – said Yulgushev.

After Magaramkentsky Khunzakh and areas of potential investors acquainted with several sites in the area and Untsukul Sulak River. They also proved to be the most attractive for Azerbaijani businessmen.

According to Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment RD Shamil Jamalov, in connection with the transfer of powers to the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of fisheries RD Management Office actively began work on creating business platforms for investors.

“At present, with representatives from Azerbaijan, we visited one of them, which is already in full swing Malkova assembly line for trout breeding. We plan to visit several districts and where investors will find a most resembling the conditions, we will provide them with all necessary assistance for the speedy implementation of the projects.

I would also like to draw the attention of our business on the traditional for the republic, but somehow unfairly forgotten by the industry, especially since the Dagestan leadership and the Ministry of Natural Resources intend to make every effort to revive the fisheries complex in the region “, – said the deputy minister.

Completed trip visiting the company NPK “Source”, one of the most promising in the country, as it offers potential buyers a maximum range of fish products.

“I have been breeding trout for 15 years and I can with certainty say that in Dagestan in trout – excellent prospects. I would like to thank the Ministry of Natural Resources and taxiways, and municipal leaders for the assistance and goodwill. After visiting nearly a dozen grounds, we stopped at a few, and soon, I think, to begin construction of a modern full cycle of trout farm in Dagestan “, – said after his inspection of an entrepreneur from Baku Yunus Iskander Iskander oglu.