Fund “Dagestan leasing company”

Full name – Fund “Dagestan leasing company”

Short name – Daglizingfond

Support format: Financial support


Fund “Dagestan leasing company” created by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Dagestan on September 24, 2013 № 444 in order to increase the availability of leasing services to small and medium-sized businesses and attracting investment in the economy of the republic.

The founder of the Fund is the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Investments of the Republic of Dagestan.

Foundation Location – Makhachkala, ul. Gagarin 120

The main activity of the Foundation is to provide the subjects of investment and entrepreneurial activity equipment and transport leasing.

Equipment, machinery, vehicles are available in a term leases of up to 7 years, the initial payment of 15 percent. The average price increase of 6-8 per cent, which is significantly lower than those of other leasing companies working in the country.

Stages of leasing transaction commission include:

view lessee Daglizingfond application and a standard pattern profiles;
Presentation Daglizingfondom lessee preliminary calculation of lease payments;
representation of the lessee and the supplier of the object of leasing in Daglizingfond package of documents on the established list;
analysis of the documents and the adoption of Daglizingfondom decision to approve the transaction or refusal of its conclusion;
preparation of the subject contract of supply projects leasing and leasing agreement, their approval by all parties of the leasing transaction and signing.

Fund Manager

Aripov Magomed Gadzhievich

tel .: 04.15.55, + 7-963-370-98-78
Address: 367010, Republic of Dagestan, Makhachkala, ul. Gagarina 120, 2nd floor, room. Number 32.