Head of the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Investment acquainted with the construction of a new plant

IMG_2356 The day before, on 13 June, the head of the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Investment RD Bashir Magomedov visited the construction plant for the production of doors, the press service of the department.

During the visit, he inspected all the production plants where at the modern automated equipment will be made of steel, interior doors, as well as forged products and structures made of metal.

Construction object Makhachkala is located in the territory of the 4 th. 300 square meters, of which production area amount to more than 3 thousand sq. Meters.

According to the director of the plant Zakir Kaidova, production will be employed and employed about a hundred people – is welders, carpenters, painters, assemblers, shponirovschiki, blacksmiths, founders, and so on.

In a newly built plant will produce doors in a wide price range – from superekonoma to expensive door for every taste and wealth of the buyer, concluded in the department.