Ramazan Abdulatipov – Head of the Republic of Dagestan
Ramazan Abdulatipov – Head of the Republic of Dagestan
"The Republic guarantees the safety of investor and minimum contact with officials"

About the Republic of Dagestan

Brief description of the region

The Republic of Dagestan is the unique region in its climatic conditions, it has great economic and scientific potential, original culture and historical traditions and it has a strategically important position for the Russian Federation. Natural resources, developed transport and industrial infrastructure, favorable investment legislation, and the multinational hardworking people of Dagestan make the Republic   an investment attractive region  in southern Russia. Every year  an increasing number of international and Russian business structures are launched  in Dagestan . A great number of large investment projects with the participation of domestic and foreign companies are currently implemented in republic in such sectors as the production of building materials, hydropower, transport infrastructure, tourism and agriculture. The implementation of the projects is a result of the investment policy pursued in the region.


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Инфраструктура поддержки бизнеса

Business Support Center of the Republic of Dagestan

Training and Production Plant

Business incubators

Industrial park “Aurora”

Micro small and medium enterprises foundation
Overview Name: Foundation for microfinance for small and medium-sized businesses Support format:...
Assistance Fund lending to small and medium-sized businesses
Overview Name: Foundation for Assistance to SME lending Support format: Financial support Offic...
Fund “Dagestan leasing company”
Full name - Fund "Dagestan leasing company" Short name - Daglizingfond Support format: Financi...

сведения о республике дагестан

объем инвестиций, млрд. руб.
население республики дагестан, млн. чел.
валовый региональный продукт, млрд. руб.
объем внешнеторгового оборота, млн. долл.

Последние новости

Wine growers of Dagestan started spring laying
24. 03. 2017
According to information on March 23 this year, the area of ​​the bookmarks was over 130 hectares. In the spring of this year it is planned to lay 520 hectares.
More than 2 billion rubles will be allocated under the state program for the construction of social facilities
22. 03. 2017
Within the framework of the implementation of the subprogram of the Republic of Dagestan, the state program of the Russian Federation "Development of the North ...
The solemn opening of the “Agro-As” greenhouse
19. 03. 2017
Ramazan Abdulatipov, took part in the opening ceremony of the Agro-AS greenhouse.
Dagestan will allocate 4.8 billion rubles for the development of communication infrastructure
17. 03. 2017
The authorities of the Republic of Dagestan until 2023 will send about 4.8 billion rubles for the development of communication infrastructure, the Ministry of T...

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