In Dagestan there will be three new industrial park

Последнее обновление April 27th, 2016 в 09:41

img_1429380859Until the end of 2016 on the territory of Dagestan plans to build 3 new industrial parks. This was stated by the head of the Industry and Trade Ministry of the Republic Yusup Umavov.

Earlier in the republic passed a law “On the industrial parks of the Republic of Dagestan” and approved by the relevant sub-program “Industrial Parks” as part of the state program of RD “KMG development industry in 2015-2020 years”, writes RIA “Dagestan”.

“The main goal of the program – to accelerate business development in the region, to strengthen the industrial sector of its economy. Today in Dagestan, there are 2 industrial parks and 4 industrial parks. Total up to 2020 in Dagestan is planned to create 17 industrial parks, “- said Umavov at a meeting on the establishment of regional industrial parks, held late last week in the Chelyabinsk region.

The event raised questions about the construction of a number of plants on the territory of Dagestan. In particular, he discussed a project to create in the region a plant for the production of building materials and the generation of metal structures for greenhouses.

Industrial (industrial) park – controlled by a single operator of complex real estate, consisting of land with the production, administration, warehousing and other facilities and installations, energy sources, engineering and transport infrastructure, administrative and legal conditions for the distribution of production.

Source: This is the Caucasus