In the mountains of Dagestan asphalted 40 kilometers of roads

f20130211060421-roads_1 In the mountainous part of the republic in the current year, more than 40 kilometers of asphalted roads, reported RIA “Dagestan”, the press service of the Agency for Road Maintenance RD.

So, in Levashinskom area on the road “Makhachkala, Buinaksk – Levashi – V. Gunib” between km 97.6 – km 110.5 km 1.6 packed lower layer of asphalt concrete pavement, as well as 1.7 km of the upper.

“Reconstruction of the road N. Gaptsah – N.Filya – Tagirkent – Yalama, which for the previous time road workers asphalted 2.5 km. In Kizlyar district, at the entrance from the highway Stavropol – Cool – Mozdok – Kizlyar – Krainovka to the village of Sar-Sar km 0 – km 4 has laid 1.5 kilometers of asphalt concrete pavement “, – reported the press service of the department.

Also this year laid the asphalt on the roads leading to Gergebilskaya, Novolaksky, Shamil and several other areas.

Recall that Dagestan before the end of 2016 would send 93 million rubles for the construction of rural roads. The funds will be allocated in the framework of the federal target program “Sustainable development of rural areas in the 2014 – 2017 and for the period till 2020”. From the national budget co-financing is also planned to allocate 26 million 600 thousand. Rubles.

Overall, in 2016 the Agency for Roads of the Republic of Dagestan plans to build and renovate 65 272 kilometers of roads, as well as to build bridges 8.

The total amount of the Republican Road Fund for the year amounted to more than 5 billion rubles.