Investing in the development of the country of mountains

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dagestan_2We all want to see our Republic prospering. The region needs investments in new production industry, agriculture and other fields.

On the need to improve the investment climate, reducing the administrative burden on business and said head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdullatipov speaking at I Republican Forum of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. During the last meeting with entrepreneurs, held November 8, Head of Dagestan said that the task of the state is to create the conditions for quiet work of entrepreneurs.

Fiscal policy in 2016 involves the introduction of a moratorium on the increase in the tax burden, which should ensure the stability of the tax system and increase its attractiveness for investors. Moreover, at the last session of the National Assembly in the first reading passed a law on the introduction in the country two-year “tax holiday” for new entrepreneurs in the field of production, scientific and social spheres.

Priorities, platforms, investment projects, logistics
Currently investing 10 priority investment projects in Magaramkentsky, Babayurt, Kumtorkalinsky, Khunzakh areas in Buinaksk and Makhachkala amounted to about 16 billion. Rubles, created 710 jobs.

In July of this year commissioned two investment projects: “The production facility for the manufacture of prefabricated buildings, concrete pipes and concrete silo rings in Makhachkala” (JSC ZZhBI “Stroydetal”, the volume of investment – RUR 615 200 000,.. created 91 working place) and the project “Acquisition of LLC” Dimitrov cable “additional modern technological equipment for the production of cable and wire products in Makhachkala” (the amount of investment -.. RUR 58.9 million, created 21 workplace “).
To attract investors in Dagestan are investment sites. They are located in places where it is easy to bring communication, close to major cities and roads. For the budget of these sites are supplied – the road and railway line, electricity, gas and water, create the necessary infrastructure. It is very important presence in the area of free labor courts and the opportunity to acquire the skills to work on it.

The first such investment platform was the “Tube,” an area of 172 hectares to the north of Makhachkala. Other investment platform “Uytash” area of 130 hectares is currently under construction in Karabudakhkent region of the republic, as is the formation of boundaries investment platform “Tube-2.” In addition, the question of creating “investment areas” in the town of Kizlyar, Kizilyurt, Tarumovsky, Kumtorkalinsky, Dakhadayevsky areas.
On the site of the investment in the Tube created the first successful project: JSC “Caspian float glass plant” (KZLS) with a capacity of 600 tons of glass per day. Total project cost – 10.5 billion rubles..
Construction of the first modern large-scale enterprise from the very beginning was surrounded by lots of rumors and idle talk.

JSC “Caspian float glass plant” – the flagship of the new industrialization of Dagestan. The plant, built from scratch, in a relatively short period of time left to full capacity.
The factory invested a lot of private money, including a large share of credit. Before you build it, they were calculated all the risks, worked out all the potential markets for its products, set up the whole system of logistics. Market product sales Caspian float glass plant – the North Caucasus region and in the south of the country – Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey and others.

However, due to a sharp drop in the ruble exchange rate, the company was unable to repay the loan, because after the revaluation of the amount of debt (loan of $ 7 billion. Rubles issued in foreign currency) increased significantly. Head of the enterprise, it was decided to appeal to the Arbitration court for recognition of insolvency of the plant, which caused a lot of anxiety in Dagestan noise.

In an interview with the chairman of the board of directors KZLS Oleg Lipatov assured that it is not about bankruptcy as such, but on the financial recovery that will allow the plant to transfer liabilities from foreign currency to ruble. Experts point out that only a technical procedure, and on the production halt could be no question.
Moreover, the plant now operates in normal mode and significantly increased its share of exports (for the year it grew by more than 30%), so also are discussing the start of construction in 2016 the plant was to sand supply not only KZLS, but also other companies Dagestan, which will create new jobs for the local population and additional revenues to the national budget.

Another major investment projects in Dagestan is a project of modernization of the international airport of Makhachkala. In June 2014 it acquired Makhachkala airport controlled by businessman S. Karimov group of companies “Nafta”. It was assumed that the airport will take a substantial upgrading in several stages.

The new owner immediately started the reconstruction of the airport runway to receive large airplanes such as “the Boeing 757”, “the Airbus 320,” “IL-86” and cargo aircraft “IL-76”. The cost of the two phases of reconstruction is estimated at 5 billion. Rubles. According to the information of “Makhachkala Airport,” the company’s development strategy involves the creation of a new terminal building at the expense of private investment, as well as construction and reconstruction of federal property.
According to official data, in July 2015 the Makhachkala airport handled more than 67.5 thousand. Passengers, passenger traffic increased by 17% compared to July 2014.
These indicators achieved by the fact that at present the airport is actively working on the admission and regular maintenance of new aircraft types expanding route network.

Construction of floor tiles and porcelain tiles plant “marabou” LLC was launched in April 2013. The entire manufacturing process at the plant will be automated – from the procurement of raw materials to packaging of finished products. Products will be manufactured using quality Italian components. In April 2015 already took place on the selection of candidates for the enterprise. Total is expected to employ about 400 people. Recall that the plant was built with the support of Italian investors and will open in late November.

Agro and textiles
Under the project of “Dagagrokompleks” for the construction of a sugar factory and processing agricultural products in Tarumovsky and Kizlyar in Dagestan regions allocated around 100 000 hectares of land. Expected investments – 19.6 billion rubles. 20 vegetable storage facilities will be built for 600 000 tonnes. Construction complex for receiving, cleaning and drying of grain crops by 50 thousand tons. Already built and put into operation a plant for the production of tomato paste Italian company «Fenco» with a capacity of 600 tons / day. Work as a result of Dagagrokompleksa project will receive 15 thousand people, in addition, will be created for about 5,000 seasonal workers.

JSC “Dagagrokompleks” – one of the largest agricultural enterprises not only in Dagestan, but also in the North Caucasus – is still in its infancy, but already produces fieldwork. The complex now occupies more than 6 thousand. Hectares ready for sowing and planting. In the future, the arable area will be increased twice.
In the spring of 2015 was the sowing of maize, under which allocated about 1.2 thousand. Hectares. Attracted by the promise Krasnodar agronomists yield 70-80 quintals per hectare. In addition, work is underway for planting of rice on an area of 1000 hectares. Also this fall is scheduled to sow winter crops of about 1.5 thousand. Hectares. Under the rice crop in the next year it is planned to prepare 2 thousand. Hectares of land.

The project of “Agrico North Caucasus” for the construction of an integrated logistics center for the storage, packaging and processing of fruits and vegetables, meat and rice will be implemented in Karabudakhkent district and the city of Kizlyar. Total project cost – 17 billion rubles..
It is expected that in 2018 the project will be fully completed in the logistics center will include a complex of fruit and vegetable production capacity of 153.5 thousand tons, meat processing plant, production capacity -. Cattle – 90 thousand heads per year, IFA -. 450 thousand heads. a year and risopererabatyvayuschy plant, production capacity of 54 th. tons per year. These projects will create in the country about 1 thousand. 500 new jobs.

Successfully implemented the project of “Kikuninsky cannery” in Gergebilsky District “Organization of processing of agricultural products, as well as juices and nectars capacity of 2 million. Cans per year” cost of 530 million. Rubles. The head of the plant businessman Magomed Sheikhov invested in a new project equity. Actively supported the project from the budget of the republic and “Rosselkhozbank”. The plant will provide 130 people with jobs. Juice with the trademark “Kikuni” has now become an easily recognizable brand Dagestan.

One of the largest projects in Dagestan – Russian-Turkish textile factory “Nergiz Dagestan” worth 26.4 billion rubles.. The volume of textile exports from Dagestan will be 500 mln. Dollars a year. 5000 jobs will be created. This is what caused the desire to use the investment for the construction of the factory site, “Tube” near Makhachkala, with a population approaching one million.
In August 2015 it developed a “road map” to promote the JSC “Dagestan Nergiz” in the implementation of the investment project, according to which the Russian Ministry of Industry, Inc. “Nergiz Dagestan” and the Republic of Dagestan have pledged to assist in the implementation of this project.

Invest climate in ratings
I note that Dagestan has great potential for development of investment activity, which is currently not used in full.
Only a substantial increase in private investment can create the necessary for the republic the number of jobs, to ensure rising living standards of the population, making it possible to achieve the objectives pursued by the implementation of priority development projects of Dagestan. Major investment projects will become engines of economic development will contribute to solving systemic problems involved in its orbit a small business and create around themselves the entrepreneurial community.

The investment potential of Dagestan is much greater than that of the other republics of the North Caucasus Federal District, slightly behind only the Stavropol Territory. At the same time it is worth noting that the investment risks – most changeable via public authorities Action group of factors.

According to the rating agency RIA “Rating”, the Republic of Dagestan in 15th place on the dynamics of investment in fixed assets among the Russian regions.
According to the index of retail turnover of the market Dagestan is located on the 10 line. In the middle peasants, and it is in terms of debt – public debt of the Republic of Dagestan on January 1, 2015 is about 15 billion rubles..

One of the indicators that characterizes the purchasing power of the population is the ratio of cash income to the cost of a fixed basket of goods and services. In the ranking, compiled by RIA “Rating” Republic of Dagestan this indicator occupies 23 place among the 83 regions of Russia, which is a good indicator.
In the past year against the backdrop of a general decline in investment activity in the country in general, the situation in different regions was mixed and saw an increase in investment in fixed assets in a number of Russian subjects, and in some pretty high rates.
Among the subjects that are most significantly risen in the ranking in terms of investment in fixed capital per capita, in addition to the Volgograd region, Primorsky Krai, St. Petersburg, the Republic of Khakassia, the Chechen Republic, the Republic of Altai, the Republic of Kalmykia is present and the Republic of Dagestan,
Dagestan, in this ranking occupies 35th place with 71 thousand. Rub. per person.

annual independent ranking of “Where to do business in 2015?” according to the authoritative magazine “Director General”, Dagestan took 12th place in its investment attractiveness. This rating is based on numerical indicators and takes into account the complex of six parameters: 1) The labor force (the number, cost, and expertise); 2) Having the demand for everyday products, and 3) durable goods (market size and dynamics); 4) The state of the economy in the region; 5) The state of infrastructure (roads, property) and, of course, 6) regional tax policy.

However, it is worth noting that while Dagestan takes the last line on the amount of revenues per inhabitant (30 thousand. Rub. Per person), indicating that the still high dependence on federal budget subsidies. At the same time, it is worth noting that the country has a strong lead among the subjects of North Caucasus Federal District in terms of population.

Most of the activities that can radically affect the situation in favor of the improvement, should be directed at reducing the criminal to investors and management of risks. To reduce the latter, it is necessary to take measures to strengthen the responsibility of officials that impede business development, to introduce a system of monitoring the quality of public services.
Today, the country is necessary to reduce the level of risk and ensure investment security. High risks are pushing entrepreneurs to race high profits for the rapid return on investment, and for this it is necessary to raise prices and avoid taxes. This problem can be solved only in the case of the rule of law, legal protection of property, security of capital, motivation of investors in the long term.

Despite the unsubstantiated allegations of the deterioration in 2015, the investment image of Dagestan, the latest in the “land of mountains” has grown considerably since 2013 and is stable over the past year. In addition, with a view to improving the republican authorities at the regional level have already implemented standard investment activities developed by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, is preparing to adopt a law on the protection of investors, which is regulated by the mechanism of protection, both domestic and foreign investment.
It is necessary to ensure that compensation based on the decision of the judiciary losses caused by the subjects of investment activity in cases of illegal actions of the state and municipal authorities and their officials.

A major role in improving the investment image of the Republic of Dagestan played a decrease in terrorist activity.
As you know, money is like the silence – the old expression is meaningless.
Until the full stability of the Caucasus as a whole and Dagestan in particular (due to the difficult geopolitical situation around Russia) is still far, but the head of Ramazan Abdullatipov in this direction objectively achieved positive progress.

Source: IA “Real Dagestan”