Investment attractiveness

According to various estimates, the most attractive for investment are the following directions of economy of the Republic:

  • the production complex of the Republic, including the food and processing industry;
  • production of construction materials;
  • the development of deposits of hydrocarbon raw materials, primarily at the Dagestan coast of the Caspian sea;
  • use of the favorable geopolitical position of the Republic of Dagestan in the generated transport corridor “North — South” and development of the Makhachkala transport hub;
  • the re-establishment and capacity building of the recreation economy of the Republic, the use of favorable natural-climatic conditions for integrated development of tourist and resort services.

An important step for the development of investment potential of the Republic was the adoption of the state programme of the Republic of Dagestan “Economic development and innovative economy”.

The program provides for the implementation of 22 investment projects corresponding to priority directions of development of economy of the Republic of Dagestan, in which it is planned to create 11 256 jobs and increase tax revenues in budgets of all levels in volume 4 379,22 million.

The adoption of a state programme aimed at the development of investment potential and improvement of conditions for capital investments in the economy of the Republic of Dagestan was a significant impetus for the intensification of investment processes in the Republic.


pdfRepublic of Dagestan Government Resolution dated December 22, 2014 651 Makhachkala “On approval of the Republic of Dagestan of the state program “Economic development and innovative economy”