Makhachkala port can become a sea gate in the south of Russia

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Sea port of Makhachkala has everything you need to become a sea gate in the south of the country, since it is well prepared for customs processing, receiving, storing and sending of any cargo, including petroleum products and grain. This opinion Tass, when asked about how it will help to increase trade between the regions of North Caucasus Federal District and Iran the development of Russian ports of the Caspian basin, expressed an honorable representative of the RF CCI in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Alexander Maksimov.

“The development of the port, of course, will contribute to improving the quality and commercial transactions between the regions of the North Caucasus and the Islamic Republic of Iran, in addition, it will increase the investment attractiveness. Thus, the sea port in Makhachkala has everything you need to become a sea gate in the south of Russia, because the port Olya Astrakhan has no year-round navigation, and too small for large-scale transport. FSUE “Makhachkala port” is well prepared for customs processing, receiving, storing and sending of any cargo, including petroleum products and grain “, – he said.

Maximov said that if in the system will Makhachkala refinery is not running due to technical reasons, the city’s port and can be used in the trade of refined petroleum products both for export to Iran, as well as within the region.

According to the expert, since Iran in 2014 entered the route of a new “Silk Road” on the rights of transit country, he plays it a major role. “Iran’s consent to its inclusion in the new” Silk Road “and the opening of the” window “in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia is of great importance for all participants in the project have a positive impact on trade relations between these countries and their economies. In the case of the construction of high-tech border land go to the border with Azerbaijan, in the creation of which the Iranians are willing to invest, and the reduction of railway tariffs in Azerbaijan for the transportation of goods in transit through this area in Russia will be able to enter more than 50 million tons of cargo per year. Only on the transit of goods coming from Iran, the Caucasus countries and regions of the North Caucasus Federal District will be able to earn more than $ 3 billion a year “, – he said.

Competition territory

After lifting the sanctions on Iran in 2016, as told Maximov, develops serious competition in investment and product market in this country. “Unfortunately, the Russian goods and services on a variety of products are inferior goods and services from other countries, in addition to high-tech goods and services provided by large companies, such as Rostec and Rosatom. Lose our domestic products are mainly on price and range, the use of innovation and value delivery, “- said the expert.
Maksimov noted that Russian suppliers can offer Iran interested in his product and are ready to compete with other suppliers. In the republic, according to the representative of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce, will be demanded by the Russian agricultural products, high-tech equipment for oil and gas extraction and processing of raw materials, shipbuilding base, railway traction stock.

caucasian vegetables

The regions of the North Caucasus Federal District, according to Maximov, because of its climatic and economic conditions have a good chance to take their place among the trade partners of Iran. “The climate of the North Caucasus is very similar to Iranian, but in the North Caucasus Federal District is more developed transport infrastructure, there are eco-friendly and fertile land, cheaper electricity and water. SKFO can supply Iran with those agricultural products that are grown there seasonally, or those products that are lacking Iran itself, as well as those whose production in Iran is not favorable for economic reasons, such as cucumbers and tomatoes, “- he said, noting that “the North Caucasus Federal District in terms of logistics already has an advantage – it’s proximity to the Iranian border, which can and should be used.”
Actually, promising for investments Iranian business considers the entire Caucasus, regions which, by virtue of the religious factor and similarity of customs they close. The only thing holding back potential investors from the beginning of the work, in particular in the North Caucasus Federal District – safety issues that they believe is not fully resolved.

However, the conditions for the Iranian businessmen in the North Caucasus to create necessary. “We need to work hard to create for Iranian businessmen such conditions that they can not refuse. To attract investors need good and financially profitable business projects, protected from penetration of crime and corruption, and the rest they will do at a high level themselves. State control over such projects will only improve their attractiveness and increase security. In addition, all participants will be disciplined, and investing in the regions of the North Caucasus will enable them to rise to a new economic level, increase their budget as well as to attract businessmen from other regions of Russia and other countries “, – said Maximov.

Presentation of the Caspian hub

According to published on the website of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for the North Caucasus of the concept, the development of transport and logistics sector of the Caspian direction can provide a significant contribution to the development of the Russian economy of the South, as will access to sustainable markets and will contribute to a base of export products through the creation of clusters.

So, as the most promising areas for the development of clusters marked grain deep processing, processing of agricultural products, petrochemical production, the production of composite materials, fishing and fish processing.

Iran Markets Sales and India are referred to the concept developed Minkavkazom most promising. The most popular in Iran in 2030 to become the grain and agricultural products, feed sprat, coking coal. India, according to the forecast, will need a supply of paper, chemicals and agricultural products. Apart from India and Iran target regions for sales of Russian goods may be the Persian Gulf and West Africa.

the cluster concept will be presented on February 28, “on the margins” of the Russian Investment Forum with the support of Sochi Minkavkazom and news agency TASS JSC “North Caucasus Development Corporation” along with two other strategic projects for the region: the medical cluster in the Caucasian Mineral Waters and Tyrnyauz mill modernization project in Kabardino-Balkaria.
Also as part of the Russian investment forum in Sochi, which will be held on February 27-28, held a business breakfast “Caspian transport-logistics complex: the potential of trade-economic and investment cooperation”, where representatives of concerned agencies, regional authorities and business will be able to discuss the concept.
His program focuses on three thematic blocks: “The new regional policy. Opportunities for Development “,” Increasing business efficiency. Opportunities for Growth “and” Implementing the projects for life. “