Meeting of the Headquarters on to improve the investment held in the Government of Dagestan

sdvsvsv Meeting of the organizing staff for the implementation of the “road map” to improve the investment climate in Dagestan was held today, September 8, in the Government RD. He opened and chaired the event, Deputy Chairman of the Regional Cabinet Shamil Isaev.

Vice Prime Minister reminded that today in Russia has begun a full-scale campaign for the compilation of the National rating of the investment climate in the state of the Russian Federation. He noted that in this regard, in Dagestan, was developed an action plan to improve the region’s investment climate, as well as set up a headquarters, which includes representatives of relevant ministries and departments of the republic.

Shamil Isayev stressed that the rating compiled by the Federal Agency for Strategic Initiatives, based on the responses of respondents (businessmen) who were treated for this or that service to the executive authorities of Dagestan.

He said that in 2014 Dagestan was not included in the rating, and took 54th place last year. However, the Head of the Republic has set the task by the end of this year to enter the top-20 investment-attractive regions. Deputy Chairman noted that it is necessary to examine the best practices of other regions.

First Deputy Head of the Business and Investment Agency RD Magomed Musayev noted that the issue of the investment climate in the region in the field of the agency, but the criteria for assessing investment attractiveness of different directions.

One of these criteria, he called the efficiency of procedures for connecting to the grid. Musayev said that in the past year in the preparation of rating revealed that the subject is represented by low-quality list of respondents for the study of the item. Thus, it has contributed to obtaining a low score on this item, worsened the whole picture.

He suggested that each department to appoint a person responsible for the achievement indicators “road map”, relating to their institutions. “The main problem today – is a bad interaction between the executive authorities of the republic.

If we talk about the best practices in other regions, there for each of the items that affect the rating, fixed supervising person is below the level of the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the subject, “- said Musayev.

The event was highlighted and a positive evaluation of investment attractiveness of the region component. In particular, the meeting noted the good work of the National multipurpose center, the effectiveness of which has been featured on the federal level.

At the end of the meeting the vice-president Shamil Isaev commissioned till September 20 to determine each person supervising department, who will be responsible for the execution of a point “road map” to improve the investment climate in the country.