More than a thousand hectares of new gardens laid in Dagestan this year

Последнее обновление January 11th, 2017 в 09:08

In Dagestan in the current year laid more than a thousand hectares of new gardens, the RIA “Dagestan” in the Ministry of Agriculture RD. Of these, over 200 hectares accounted for gardens of intensive type.

According to the source, this fall has already laid more than 250 hectares in the country, work is still ongoing. In the spring of this year, workers at the village of 600 hectares planted 765 plan.

Most of all gardens laid in Magaramkentsky area – 106 hectares, of which 17 – intensive type. In second place on the tab Sergokalinsky District, which laid the farm 83 hectares of gardens, 80 of which – intensive type. Closes the top three Gergebilsky District, where new trees planted on an area of ​​60 hectares. Good results also show Shamil, Ahtynsky, Dokuzparinsky and Suleiman Stalsky areas in which laid from 45 to 57 acres of gardens, including intensive.

Recall that intensive garden characterized in that there is on one hectare should be not less than 800 trees, whereas in the conventional garden – from 200 to 300. In addition, it is also time-consuming work using various technologies, including drip irrigation . In Dagestan, to the intensive orchards laying began in 2011.

It should be noted that Dagestan has traditionally been famous for its gardens. Thus, in the eighties, the area under orchards here were more than 65 thousand. Hectares, which gave a powerful impetus to the development of the canning industry. Today the region just over 26 thousand hectares of gardens, of which fruit-bearing – a little more than 20 thousand hectares.

According to the agriculture ministry, gardening – the traditional and the most important branch of agriculture of Dagestan, which is of great importance for the economy of the republic. In some mountainous and foothill areas it is the main source of income.

The industry in terms of import substitution is recognized as one of the priorities. Given this, in the country in recent years, new gardens are laid in such quantities that were not in the last decade. So, in 2014, new gardens on an area of ​​1 hectare tys.168 were laid in Dagestan. Last year, the tab has been made in the area of ​​1 tys.700 hectares of new gardens. The plan for the current year is about 1 thousand. 600 hectares.