Ombudsman for the protection of the rights of businessmen met with entrepreneurs Izberbash

Последнее обновление February 26th, 2017 в 22:13

On Thursday, February 16 Business-Ombudsman of Dagestan Zaur Kurbanov a working visit to the town of Izberbash. There, in the city administration held a meeting of the Council for Business Development at the head of the city.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Head of the City District Administration “City Izberbash”, members of the Council and over 60 businesses.

The agenda was listed question of the status of the business development of Izberbash. Participants discussed pressing issues related to the relationship of the city of entrepreneurs and supervisory authorities with tax policy with respect to business entities.

Ombudsman brought to the business information regarding innovations in business activity in the current year. This on-line box office, and the transfer of control of the insurance premiums to the tax authorities. He talked about the tax forms that could be of interest to entrepreneurs.

Further, the meeting went into a dialogue format, where entrepreneurs asked questions related to the support of business entities at the national and municipal levels. Also, there were many questions about the mechanisms of tax incentives, grants through the republican ministries and departments.

Questions were raised related to the inclusion of entrepreneurs from the city of Izberbash in a single register of small and medium-sized businesses. In parallel, a survey was conducted of businessmen in the city market, in stores and shopping malls in order to determine the state of the business climate in the Republic of Dagestan.