Reservoir will begin to grow trout

originalRepresentatives of the company “Aqua Plus” intend to make a start fingerling trout in cages in the reservoir Gotsatlinskaya HPP, RIA “Dagestan” in the Ministry of Natural Resources RD.

According to the company Ruslan Magomedov, Director, all the necessary equipment for this purpose have already purchased and conducted final preparations for launch.

“We’re going to put the juvenile line, which will grow up to 30-40 tons of fry up to 200-300 grams sample in, then we will translate them into a large vyrostnuyu line at 1 thousand. 500 square meters. As a result, we expect to bring the volume up to 300 tons of marketable fish per year. Recently, manufacturers have come cage line, they will spend its assembly and installation, and then run in the fish cages “, – said the head of the company” Aqua Plus “.

On the eve of Khunzakh area, on-site start-up fry, on a working trip visited the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment RD Nabiyula Karachaev, director of the Dagestan branch of RusHydro Timur Gamzatov, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Natural Resources RD Fisheries Department.
After a short excursion to the project, during which the guests were told about the history of the power plant and its economic importance for the energy of Dagestan, has been made the boat trip on the surface of the reservoir, where it will soon breed trout.

According Nabiyuly Karachaeva launch trout fry – is ambitious and interesting project, and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment RD will accompany him and support.

“Dagestan – a major area for development is the trout, as this fish likes to clean and cool water. And our reservoirs are suitable for these purposes.

Head of the republic Ramazan Abdulatipov before our Ministry tasked to rebuild the fishing industry of Dagestan. To solve it, we are attracted to work as scientific advice. Investors voiced figure of 300 tons of trout per year – this is the minimum percentage, as studies have shown that up to 10 percent of the reservoir, we can zarybit, without disrupting the ecology of the reservoir, drinking water quality. And the resulting output of clean, high-quality domestic products, we can provide not only a republic, but also other regions of Russia “, – said the head of department.

Timur Gamzatov, in turn, assured the representatives of the Ministry of Natural Resources RD and entrepreneurs that will continue to strongly support the issues of fisheries.

“The republic has a great potential for fish farming republic. Of all operated by our power stations on the territory of Dagestan, seven have their own reservoir of small medium and large capacity, which to varying degrees are suitable for fish farming.

I should note that the company RusHydro always supported interesting initiatives, and we previously zaryblyali under a centralized program of the reservoir and Chirkeyskaya Chiryurtovskaya HPP.

With regard Gotsatlinskoy reservoir is estimated to biologists, the composition of water on the oxygen content is favorable for trout. For our part we are ready to provide entrepreneurs the methodological and engineering support to help the economy reach the maximum power and receive up to 1,000 tonnes of trout per year “, – said the head of the company.

It is worth noting that the development of fisheries is particularly relevant in the import substitution program period. Enterprises fish breeding hope, “get on their feet and grow strong” during this period. After all, at one time uplift cheap imported products of dubious quality on the Russian market was one of the reasons for the collapse of the entire industry, natural products which lost in the price of imported “synthetic” and GMO- products.

According to the investor’s opinion, the fruits of this project will benefit not only Khunzakhsky District, which can become a “pioneer in breeding trout” hydroelectric reservoirs on the basis of a commercial scale, but also throughout Dagestan.