Ten industrial companies will be part of a special economic zone created in Dagestan

Magazzino-Flange-Inox Ten industrial companies will be a part created on the territory of the investment platform “Tube” Kumtorkalinsky District of Dagestan, a special economic zone, told RIA “Dagestan”, the press service of the Industry and Trade Ministry RD.

So, are at the commissioning stage two investment projects – OOO “marabou” and JSC “Azimut”. It is worth noting that the plant “marabou” worth more than 1 billion rubles is aimed at the production of tiles and ceramic granite using Italian technology. The company “Azimuth” will electroplating production. The project cost is 70 million rubles.

In addition, with the intentions of the inclusion of the residents were GOK, LLC “Caspian float glass plant – Energy”, the DSA corporation “Daggips” Ltd., JSC “Musharaka Company”, LLC “Energostroi-MN.” JSC “Corporation of development of Dagestan” and others.

According to authorities, the total amount involved enterprises unappropriated investments may exceed 55 billion rubles till 2025. In addition, it is planned to create 2 thousand. 500 new jobs, and the amount of annual tax payments to budgets of all levels by the year 2025 will amount to more than 6 billion rubles. A further volume of industrial output will amount to more than 35 billion rubles, potential residents.

The key factors that influenced the selection of the site of the industrial park investors are located within the boundaries of the developed industrial sector, the availability of engineering and transport communications, and spare capacity, the legal status of land, allowing its development and others, as well as tax incentives.

The ministry added that the creation of a special economic zone in the industrial park “Tube” will give investors additional tax breaks at both the federal and regional levels, as well as special customs and administrative regimes.

It should be noted that to create a special economic zone on the territory of the site “Tube” in the framework of the federal target program “South of Russia” prepared by modern engineering infrastructure, which includes the electric substation and power lines, and railroad and pipeline with automatic gas distribution station and a complex of water supply and sewage treatment facilities.

According to the Industry and Trade Ministry of the Republic, created by investment in engineering and transport infrastructure is more than 1 billion rubles, of which more than 620 million rubles up means the regional budget, and the rest allocated federal center.

Source: RIA “Dagestan”