The Agency for Entrepreneurship and Investments of the Republic discussed the roadmap on improvement of investment climate

Today, October 26, at the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Investments of the Republic of Dagestan held a meeting in which frameworks discussed the roadmap for the implementation of the best practices of the National rating on improvement of investment climate. The meeting was chaired by the head of department Bashir Magomedov.

Acting head of the department of financial and economic analysis and examination of the Agency’s projects Irazbeg Suleymanov noted that the roadmap added about 20 events that have been successfully implemented in the regions included in the top twenty national rating on improvement of investment climate.The roadmap includes measures in the directions: “The availability of obtaining a building permit,” “electrical connection”, “Connection to heat, water, wastewater, gas networks”, “Support for small and medium-sized businesses.”
At present “road map” has been largely agreed with the ministries and departments of the republic, and will be sent soon to the Dagestan Government for approval.

Note that the main purpose of the development of the “road map” – is to increase the efficiency and simplify the procedures for the provision of public services, the optimization and reduction of their terms, the improvement of service quality, improving staff qualifications, etc.
During the meeting, Bashir Magomedov emphasized the need for the collection and establishment of regional respondents National rating of investment climate in the Russian regions of the state.

Recall that on the instructions of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin since in 2015 in Russia conducted a full-scale conduct of the National rating of the state of the investment climate in the Russian Federation (National rating). This is a joint project of the leading business associations and the Agency of strategic initiatives aimed at the formation of an objective comprehensive evaluation of the authorities to improve the business climate in the region.