The first client center “Post Bank” will open in Dagestan

The day before, on April 3, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Dagestan Shamil Isayev held a meeting on opening a client center “Post Bank” in Dagestan to provide banking services in all areas of payments (with the establishment of branches in the existing post offices).

Having voiced readiness to cooperate in the implementation of the plans, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Dagestan noted that in Dagestan the population trusts the postal service system. “I believe that the “Post Bank” will become a real people’s bank in the republic,” Shamil Isayev expressed confidence.

As the deputy head of “Post Bank” Georgy Gorshkov, within the framework of the pilot project to open a client center in the region of the main post office of “Post of Russia”, staff selection and training have already been carried out. Responsibility for the implementation of the project is assigned to the Deputy Minister of Transport, Energy and Communications of the Republic of Dagestan, Yusup Mallamagomedov.

The first deputy head of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation for Dagestan, Nurullah Suleymanov, acknowledged with satisfaction: “Post Bank” for us is an alternative to monopolists in the banking sector. We always welcome a wide range of services in this direction. ”

In turn, the director of the branch “Post of Russia” Makhach Magomedov also noted the importance of the project being implemented. “We have more than 400 post offices in the republic, and we are interested in their development,” he assured.

Summing up, Shamil Isayev thanked the participants of the meeting for fruitful discussion of the tasks and instructed Yusup Mallamagomedov to pay special attention to the implementation of the project.

Opening of the client center “Post Bank” is planned on April 4 in Makhachkala under the direct supervision of Shamil Isayev. This is the first such project in the North Caucasus.