The problems of agribusiness were discussed in DSUNE

Последнее обновление January 11th, 2017 в 09:11

November 22 in the conference hall of the Dagestan State University of National Economy was the conference “Agribusiness in the Republic of Dagestan: problems and prospects”. The event was organized enterprise Support Center RD.
The conference was attended by representatives of various ministries and departments, research institutes, teachers and university students.
Event was opened by a welcoming speech Director of KMG Business Support Center Zagid Makhmudov.
Addressing the gathering Jamila Melesova noted that in a few years the field of agriculture may be the most popular in the country. “You are our future. It is important that you understand the seriousness of what you do. We do not have enough storage, industrial warehouses, investments. And to solve such problems can you – students who understand the reality of these problems “, – said Melesova.

Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology DGUNH Karahan Rajabov described the work being done in the direction of automation of various processes. “We have to have the faculty topics on agribusiness management automation issues, create applications for small business. We assist in the design of workstations for users of the system AIC, which can improve management efficiency and make life easier for agricultural producers, “- he said.
According to him, in order to solve the problems in the agricultural sector should be allocated to agricultural subsidies in order to affect the positive development of the industry.
As part of the conference, students were informed about the grant competition for start-ups, in which they could submit projects in the field of agribusiness.
Then the chief of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food RD Yusup Yusupov made a report, which provided information on their activities for the development of the agricultural sector. “In 2016 competitive selection of participants for the event departmental target programs have been carried out, including support for new farmers for the period 2015-2017. and the development of family livestock farms, as well as the grant competition. Support was 129 beginning farmers and 46 family farmers. In operation 65 capital construction projects have been introduced that have received grant support within the program of support of farms “, – he said. According to him, the priority for the Ministry of Agriculture RD in 2017 will be the development of small farms and the establishment of cooperatives.