The volume of agricultural production in Dagestan is projected to reach 125 billion rubles

Последнее обновление February 26th, 2017 в 22:13

According to the preliminary forecast for 2017 in the current year in all categories of farms produce agricultural products in the amount of 125 billion 480 million rubles. The growth rate thus amount to 106.2 percent.

Over the past four years, agricultural production index increased by 1.3 times in the country. Only in the past year, the region produced agricultural products in the amount of 112 billion 500 million rubles.

Thus, in the last three years is provided in Dagestan annual input into the agricultural turnover of more than 10 thousand. Hectares of unused arable land. In 2016, the total crop area was 354 thousand. Hectares, which is 12.3 thousand. Hectares more than the previous year. Gross harvest of grains in clean weight was 380 thousand tons, including rice -. 76, 3 tons. Collected 1 million 500 thousand. Tons of vegetables, which is 1.4 times higher than in 2012. Gross harvest of grapes amounted to 148 thousand 800 tons -. It is 2.5 times more than in 2012. Of those sent for recycling 81.5 thousand tons, 67,3 thousand tons – sold fresh.

In addition, for the period from 2013 to 2016 in the country produced a bookmark young vineyards over an area of ​​6 thousand. 800 hectares. Their total area increased in 2016 relative to 2012 by 16 percent to the beginning of the current year 23 thousand. 900 hectares. In addition, as the work on the gardens tab conducted in the country. A total of last year was planted 1 thousand 614 hectares, of which 400 -. Of intensive type. Farms produced in 2016 295 thousand. Pieces of seedlings of fruit crops. In general, over the past four years made a bookmark of new orchards on an area of ​​more than 6 thousand hectares, including intensive type -. More than 900 hectares.

The Ministry of Economic Development reported on the work carried out in the framework of the program of import substitution in agriculture. In particular, it was noted that much had been done for the development of a protected ground in the region. Total area of ​​greenhouses is currently 180.7 hectares, of which about 30 introduced last year. Collection of greenhouse vegetables amounted to over 18 million tons – it is 3 times more than it was in 2012.

In 2016, in Dagestan, we completed the construction of two large plodoovoschehranilisch in Dagestanskie Ogni and. N. Urada Shamilsky district total storage capacity of 13 thousand tons of fruit.

In addition, as part of the priority project of the Republic of Dagestan “Effective agriculture” last year completed the construction of 10 livestock farms in the country for 1260 skotomest, 6 poultry facilities with a total capacity of 62 thousand. Hens and 65 thousand. Broilers a year, 6 feedlots 11.1 thous. heads of small cattle, run 2 workshops for the production of 40 thousand. tonnes of concentrated feed per year, etc.