Training and Production Plant

Training and production plant for the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Investments of the Republic of Dagestan is a state educational institutions of primary vocational education, and for more than 45 years, provides training, retraining and advanced training of personnel, mass occupations employed in the personal services sector, which are in demand in the labor market.

“Training and Production Complex” offers training and professional development for the most popular professions such as barber-rounder, manicurist, pedicurist, cosmetics, makeup, and nail design, seamstress, fashion designer, tailor, embroiderer, computer courses. And on the basis of the license of the Ministry of Education at the end of training students receive a certificate and the certificate of the state sample.

Material and technical base of the plant is equipped with the latest equipment, furniture and technical means of education.
The plant has a staff of highly experienced teachers and masters like hairdressing and sewing art, high levels of which have repeatedly confirmed the participation in various competitions, seminars and master classes are trained how to and beyond the republic. We have a culture of discipline on behavior, aesthetics and ethics is a huge plus in educating the younger generation. In addition, we periodically invite specialists from Moscow, St. Piterburg and Rostov, which we hold master classes. In our school learn how to after school and graduated from higher and secondary educational institutions have not found application their knowledge in practice.

The main difference in the educational process in the plant compared with other educational institutions of the city is holding workshops in as close to production.

Through this method of training graduates combine in addition to theoretical studies acquire practical skills to work with clients, which greatly facilitates their adaptation to real conditions at the beginning of employment.
Training and production plant on-site provides free services to war veterans, labor veterans, the disabled, orphanages, boarding schools.

Given the rapidly growing business in Dagestan is increasing every year the number of salons, studios, furniture shops, shoe shops, salons curtains and thus we receive the application for our graduates of the CCP for the purpose of employment. The leaders of these companies in the current competition rather impose high demands on the skills and abilities of our graduates, masters and today we have there is a need not only to teach professional skills but also to teach the basics of business organization.

Now in conditions of mass unemployment we train unemployed citizens aimed at both the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Investments of the Republic of Dagestan and the direction of the ministry of labor and employment at the expense of federal and republican budgets. Having one or another specialty, unemployed people can not only find a job, but also to go into business, ie Start your own bissnes. So on average every year we train about 500-600 unemployed people.

entrepreneurs and their employees for training, advanced training and retraining of the funds allocated from the federal and republican budget is also the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Investments of the Republic of Dagestan in the combinations are sent. Having trained and improve their skills employers are held to a higher paying job doing extra services. So. annually in the Code of Criminal Procedure are trained and improve their skills from 300 to 400 entrepreneurs.

Given that we are under the jurisdiction of the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Investments of the Republic of Dagestan, we have a database as a start-up entrepreneurs and have already taken place and our specialist cooperates closely with the heads of these companies for the purpose of employment. This additional job creation.

Leading salons – hairdressers, tailors, curtains salons, shoe shops, furniture shops and a mini studio in repair and restoration of clothes in the cities and in the regions of the republic of Dagestan to 60-70% are staffed by graduates “of the CCP.”


Training and production plant for the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Investments of the Republic of Dagestan, offers courses ipovysheniya qualification for the most popular professions.
Contact Information

Director of the Criminal Procedure Code – Satabayev Arif Ilmutdinovna
Contact: 8722 62-31-68,
days of admission Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.00 to 13.00

Address:. Rep Dagestan, Makhachkala, Gagarin St., 120