Volunteers and social activists to help increase the flow of tourists Dagestan

Последнее обновление April 27th, 2016 в 09:41

img_1429380860Community and youth organizations need to be connected to the development of tourism in Dagestan, which will help increase the flow of tourists into the country, said the presidential envoy in the North Caucasus Federal District Sergei Melikov.

“Dagestan today is able to create places to attract tourists. They already have people in Dagestan travel. However, not as massively as we would like, but also the region for that something must be done, including coerce regional authorities engage actively in this work, and not just ask for investments “, – S.Melikov told reporters Wednesday Pyatigorsk.

In his opinion, it is necessary to engage the public, youth organizations, volunteer movement.

“The potential of Dagestan is, to compare it is not necessary with Egypt and Turkey. We, the people of Russia, to rest (in the country – IF) is interesting and informative, than abroad, “- said the envoy.

At the same time, in his opinion, should begin primarily in order to highlight places of interest to tourists are interested to go there and see the national peculiarities of the peoples living in the republic, folk crafts, including visited the highlands, rest on the Caspian Sea.

Speaking about the safety of rest in the country, the envoy said that the security forces in Russia have learned to ensure the safety of people. It showed the success of the events such as the summit of the Far East, the Olympics in Sochi.

At the same time, he recalled that the risks to ensure the safety of tourists and threats were the resorts of Egypt, and Turkey.

“There were certain risks associated with the safety of tourists visiting the country in the conditions of the presence there of the extremist terrorist organizations”, – said S.Melikov, adding that sometimes there occurred serious accidents and poisoning holidaymakers alcohol.


Source: Interfax